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MISSION STATEMENT/OBJECTIVE: “8 Blade Warriors is a family-run gym that is authentic in Thai style. Head trainer and gym owner is ‘Superboy’, a former Lumpinee Stadium fighter, South Thailand champion and former number-one ranked fighter in Australia as per International Kickboxer magazine. With over 20 years of involvement in the sport as a fighter and trainer, you can be assured to be in the most secure hands to guide you through your fight career or passion for martial arts. Growing up in Thailand,

Superboy spent his childhood in his father’s gym and surrounded himself with all of the big names of his generation. His cousin was a superstar and was a great inspiration to him. This special bloodline continued and Superboy now enjoys watching the success of his world-renowned and top-five world-ranked fighter brother ‘Superbon’, who is also a regular at 8 Blade Warriors when in Australia. As a fighter, Superboy has competed in over 150 professional fights, with his first bout coming at the tender age of seven. Throughout his teen years Superboy was a regular fighter at the mecca of Muay Thai, the Holy Grail Lumpinee Stadium. Throughout his Australian Muay Thai battles he has fought on the big shows and competed on a number of the famous Evolution shows.

“We are here for the passion and love of this beautiful art and are surrounded by like-minded people. We have a dedicated and focused fight team ranging from youths to adults.” ” We have guys from all walks of life, from Male strippers from Sydney to MMA Fighters from Perth.

CLASSES AVAILABLE: Our specialty is fighter training, but we also offer Muay Thai beginners and advanced classes for fitness and martial arts enthusiasts. Kids Muay Thai and women’s-only training. We can also offer private lessons and specialty fight preparation available in 2014.